TalkingFaces Review – Create Real Human Spokespersons

TalkingFaces is a new video app to instantly boost engagement and conversions on your websites. You can create real human spokespersons with this video app. You can actually customize and place these real human avatar called Humatars onto any webpage. The human spokespersons act as an instant “Greeter,” coercing your website visitors to take action!

TalkingFaces can be customized to your liking wherein you’ll be able to change what this real human looks like, what this real human will say.. in any language. It also comes loaded with calls-to-action features as well. With your overlays, you can add opt-in forms, buttons, countdown timers, and much more.

TalkingFaces offers many actors to choose from – multiple outfits that fit all niches like a nurse, doctor, business outfits, gym outfits, etc. You can even “re-face” the actors to get a different look if you’d like. It’s new-age technology you won’t find anywhere else and there’s so much more in the video below that will blow you away!

See It In Real Time – Watch Video

Below is a real-life scenario of how you can make use of the video app for any business, which in turn creates an instant impression on your website visitors.

Let’s consider a local business like a flower shop that has a website. This is what you can do with the app.

Create a TalkingFace spokesperson that welcomes website visitors, offers them a discount on flowers (something relevant to the flower shop). In fact, you can make these real humans say anything!

Then you grab the URL of the flower shop’s website, copy and paste it into the app. The end result will be what you see below!

talkingfaces create human spokespersons

Watch More Examples Here!

What you just experienced above shows how powerful something like this can be to help engage and convert your website visitors instantly!

This is what you can do with TalkingFaces and it’s very much applicable to virtually any business, service, or organization out there!

TalkingFaces – Create Your Own Custom Humatars

You can create your own custom humatars that are of HD quality using the TalkingFaces app. Check out the features that are listed below.

  • Uses the new AI “re-facing” technology you won’t find anywhere else!
  • One click creates a new “TalkingFace” that live on any webpage you want as a backdrop
  • Create unlimited TalkingFaces
  • Upload any voice, your own voice or any audio in any language. Your voice is synchronized with perfect lip syncing
  • Includes Synthesys voice technology (real human voices)
  • Overlay on any website – Immediately grab almost any page on the Internet as your background
  • Engage via email Opt-ins, buttons, timers and much more
  • Boost clicks, leads, and sales conversions
  • Ability to create unique spokepersons by merging other human faces into existing actors
  • Ability to load your own voice into a Humatar (with perfect lip sync) or get an Emmy Award winning voice, as text-to-speech for your Humatars
  • Blend your own face into the human spokespersons!
  • Unlimited hosting for your TalkingFaces
  • No technical skills needed
  • Includes commercial license to sell to your clients!

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Talkingfaces video app create humatars

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