Post Gopher WordPress Plugin For Email List Building

Post Gopher WordPress plugin automatically turns your blog posts and pages into irresistible lead magnets. This WordPress list building plugin takes your blog post, converts it into a nicely formatted PDF, and then offers this downloadable file to your website visitors in exchange for their email address.

It offers an enticing ‘bait’ to get people on your email list, without which you’re not going to be able to capture the email addresses of your visitors. You don’t require to put any extra effort to create your lead magnets, because with this lead generation plugin every blog post is a potential lead magnet.

You don’t require to build landing pages, because the Post Gopher WordPress plugin generates beautiful pop-up opt-in forms. It’s the best way to re-purpose your great content and build your list.

Post Gopher List Building Plugin Features

  • Converts blog posts and pages into downloadable PDF books. It builds beautiful forms, integrates directly with autoresponders, captures leads, and sends out download links completely on autopilot.
  • Post Gopher is the absolute easiest method to capture your website visitors onto your own list and have full control.
  • Don’t have to depend on other sources like social media for traffic.
  • Helps you grow your list as big and as quickly as you can.
  • Hands-free way to create high converting leads and build a responsive list.
  • No more tedious lead magnet creation. No more building lead pages. Just use this lead generation plugin to do all the hard work for you!
  • Converts a complicated, time-consuming process into a super-easy, passive way of building a big mailing list.
  • Super easy to use – Just set up the Post Gopher plugin, and it does everything for you, including creating your lead magnets, generating opt-in forms, delivering the lead magnets, and tracking performance.
  • Flexible WordPress plugin that works on any WordPress theme. All you require is a self-hosted WordPress site Version 4.4 (or higher).

Post Gopher WordPress plugin – List building made easy – Check It Out Here!

Post Gopher WordPress plugin for email list building

Email list building doesn’t get any easier than this, so get your Post Gopher WordPress plugin now to completely automate the process and build your list. It’s the super-easy way to boost opt-ins and grow your list. So, jump on board to start using this plugin to build your lists!

With Post Gopher WordPress Plugin Start Building Your Lists Now!

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