Content Gorilla 2.0 – Convert YouTube Videos Into Blog Posts

Content Gorilla 2.0 is a cloud-based content creation app that converts YouTube videos into fully formatted blog posts that are human-readable, within minutes.

Just been released, and it’s hot because with Content Gorilla 2.0 you can entirely automate your blogging needs. With this all-in-one content creation and content marketing tool, you don’t have to write an insane amount of content every day. The app creates unique search engine-friendly content, that’s completely automated, is easy to use, newbie-friendly, and fast in creating high authority content.

This app practically replaces your need for writing content anymore or even hiring a content writer. And if you have a content marketing team, you might as well get rid of them.

The latest version 2.0 of Content Gorilla has 6 new major features that include:

  • Multi publishing at a time with one click
  • AI-powered punctuator
  • Post archive
  • Integration (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook Pages & Groups) – the ability to market on social media right from within the app. A built-in scheduler that helps you put out targeted content to different social media platforms.
  • Create custom images for social media posting
  • Internal linking to related content on your site

Watch Video And See How To Convert YouTube Videos Into Blog Posts!

Content Gorilla - content creation and marketing tool convert YouTube videos

Content Gorilla 2.0 – Content Creation And Marketing Tool

Here are the features of the all-in-one content creation and marketing tool:

  • Content Gorilla 2.0 allows you to select multiple videos and post them to your WordPress site at the same time.
  • Advanced search that allows you to fetch and create content in 105 YouTube supported languages. Search videos by keywords, video URL, playlist URL or channel URL and also with deep search filters like relevance, views and creative commons license
  • Content Gorilla quickly converts YouTube videos into fully formatted WordPress blog posts
  • Some YouTube videos, when converted to the text don’t include punctuation. With the AI-powered punctuator that’s included in the app, you can add punctuation (commas, full stops, capitalization’s, apostrophes) to these kinds of content with just a click!
  • Creates an archive of all the posts that have gone onto your sites. This helps you to keep track of what postings are happening to which of your sites through Content Gorilla.
  • Automatic internal linking to related content that’s already on your site. This minimizes the bounce rate, and it helps with keeping your visitors on your site for longer. This is one of the biggest factors in terms of organic search rankings.
  • Since Content Gorilla 2.0 converts videos into text, there are instances where you would want to replace a specific word. Using its Find & Replace feature, you can save a lot of time doing this.
  • Image related to the video gets automatically added into the post to make your content visually more appealing. You can drag and drop more images into the content if desired.
  • Built-in content spinner which makes sure that every readable content is unique
  • Built-in grammar correction tool that can correct any grammatical mistakes in your content with just 1-click
  • Content Gorilla 2.0 converts video tags to blog post tags, which helps with search engine rankings
  • Built-in social media integration that helps you syndicate content to social media channels like Facebook pages/groups, Twitter and Linkedin for higher rankings on search engines.
  • With social post image builder, you can create custom images to accompany along with your social media posts.
  • Ability to post instantly or bulk post by scheduling up to 10 posts for up to 10 days.

Watch Video And See This Content Creation Tool In Action!

Content Gorilla 2.0 is the perfect content creation and marketing tool for marketers of all levels, bloggers, SEO experts and it’s time to completely automate your content creation and marketing with this tool.

This is the kind of automation that you need for your websites so that you can stop wasting endless hours on writing content for your blogs, or marketing and instead focus your attention on money-making tasks.

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