ListJanitor * Best Email List Cleaning Software

ListJanitor is the best email list cleaning and list management software that allows you to clean your email list right from the desktop itself.

This list cleaner App allows you to clean all bad and inactive emails off your list, gets you high deliver rate, high subscriptions and responses.

It searches for invalid, duplicate and bounces. You can avoid sending emails that are never going to be opened or clicked at and email addresses that are non-existent thereby hugely reducing your email marketing costs and thus definitely boosting your email marketing.

ListJanitor has the best unbeatable features that you won’t find even in other most expensive email list cleaning software.

Come take a look at the best features of this powerful email list cleaner and email management software that are listed below:

  • Ability to import any list and clean it in within seconds.
  • Dead lists brought back to life – Brings old and dying lists back to life by purifying it.
  • Invalid addresses, role addresses, spam-traps removed from lists.
  • Boosts email deliver rate and reduces your email marketing costs
  • Segment lists easily with ultra-powerful list management and segmentation features that allows you create sub-lists targeting specific user groups. This feature is not available with other expensive list cleaning services.
  • If you need to import your lists into an autoresponder, then this is a must have product because autoresponders do not import lists that are not clean.
  • Helps protect the domain of your email server from being blacklisted.
  • Get a higher email opening rate – A cleaner email list will get you higher open rates.
  • Can combine two lists into one.
  • Works fine with CSVs or a simple list of email addresses.
  • Interface available in multiple languages – English, German, Portuguese, Spanish
  • Extremely easy to use – All you gotta do is put your list in the App, click ‘Execute’, export where you want and it’s done.
  • Value for money – With all these benefits available to you, get your list cleaned without paying a hefty fee and no monthly recurring fee. For a small one time investment use the software for as long as you wish, and as often as you want.

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ListJanitor is an absolute must have software in your arsenal of internet marketing tools and every Internet marketer needs this because of it’s advanced email list management and analysis features which will allow you get the most from your list.

Get going with this powerful tool and start maximizing your email marketing profits right now.

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