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Creating content for your blogs and social media consistently is a time-consuming process. With ContentBurger, the latest content marketing tool you can easily create all kinds of content for blogs and social media platforms in an instant. Read the entire review below.

This content marketing tool is not only a great way to create content, but it’s also an awesome tool to do content curation for any market or niche you can think of.

With ContentBurger, you’ll be able to curate content and syndicate it across social media platforms in a flash and attract tons of traffic.

Everything that you require to create engaging content either for your own purpose or for your clients is all included in ContentBurger under one roof.

I’m talking about blog posts composers, image creators, social media composers, and a ton of other features like drag and drop elements for awesome curation and instantly getting citations added to your posts.

It’s a powerful content marketing tool and social media management platform for publishers, brands, agencies, freelancers, writers, product creators, eCom merchants, and even startups because you can find, create and share the best performing content consistently and increase traffic, leads, and sales.

ContentBurger is the best and most efficient content marketing tool on the market for creating high-quality and engaging content for any social media platform or blog. Click the below link to get access now!

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ContentBurger For Social Media Automation

ContentBurger helps you harness the power of all content types ( articles, videos, gifs, memes, images . . .) and across all social media, blog, and podcast channels ( WordPress, Medium, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.)

You can now discover, compose, plan, automate, analyze the best content ..all from a single sleek dashboard!

There are tons of features that are built into ContentBurger and you can drag and drop your way to an incredible article.

The best feature being curation – as it’s an easy way to create tons of content for your blogs. And having a content marketing tool like ContentBurger helps you curate and create like an absolute boss.

Plus, there are so many other features like:

  • The fast start wizard
  • Organizable workspaces
  • 3 different content composers for all your post needs (blog, social media, and image) – Composer brings the entire web content at the center of the editor.
  • Content discovery tool powered by AI (find articles, quotes, gifs, videos, and trending content to help supplement your existing content) plus ‘never seen before’ sorting to get only the best content.
  • Flexible content scheduling
  • Easy content syndication
  • Deep Automation: Auto-discover and auto-post the best contents
  • Flexible planning and automation. Planner and calendar to manage your entire content strategy from one place with the planner.
  • Automation recipes to help get your automation the exact way you want
  • Deep analytics – Analytics & reporting to fine-tune your strategy
  • ContentBurger is a full-blown social media marketing suite – Built-in management of your blogs and social media profiles
  • AI-generated post captions
  • Add custom sources and RSS feeds
  • Automatic citations added for curation
  • Multiple regions and language support
  • Drag and drop embedding from 9+ external sources
  • Post directly to Medium
  • 1 Click article to Podcast
  • 1 Click article to E-book creator

If you’re serious about creating a truly sustainable business with loyal followers, then you need to get ContentBurger.

This is honestly the best content marketing tool you’ll ever need for your blogs and social media profiles. This brand new dynamic app helps you create and curate amazing content in only a fraction of the time it would normally take.

With ContentBurger, creating all sorts of content for your social media marketing and blogs is an absolute breeze.

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