Synthesys – Text To Speech Software With Real Human Voices

Synthesys is the world’s first-ever text to speech software that turns any text into a real human voice-over. It’s a 100% cloud-based software solution that is powered by never seen before synthetic speech technology.

The software turns any script into a 100% natural-sounding voice-over using real human voices. This next-generation technology that powers Synthesys crushes applications like Google Wavenet and Amazon Polly, as they don’t even come anywhere closer.

Every video produced needs a voice-over. And, these are videos where you can use text to speech software with real human voices – product tours, sales videos, presentation videos, film trailers, real estate promotion videos, training videos, walkthrough videos, TV commercials, storytelling, podcasts, video advertising, animated or Explainer videos, demo videos, video sales letters and a lot more.

Synthesys allows you to create a perfect voice-over in just minutes using the 3 simple steps:

  • Choose Voice. Pick your perfect business voice, gender, and tone from 8 real human-sounding synthetic digital voices.
  • Create. Add your text script or simply copy-paste your text script and click “Create”
  • Render & Share. 1-click render and share your voice-over on any platform or device, wherever you need it.

Click the link below to watch the video and notice the difference in the quality of the voice-overs when compared to Google Wavenet and Amazon Polly.

Hear To Voice-Over Created With Synthesys Using Synthetic Speech Technology

Synthesys text to speech software with real human voice overs

Synthesys – Why You Need This Text To Speech Software?

By using Synthesys you will never again have to:

  • Pay heavy amounts to overpriced freelancers
  • Wait or hunt for unreliable voice-over artists
  • Go back and forth to get a perfect voice-over
  • Leave the most important part of your marketing & sales into someone else hands
  • Drive away your customers with creepy sounding robotic voice-overs made using free text to speech software

Instead with Synthesys you can be ready to achieve:

  • Lower bounce rates
  • More conversions by making Call-To-Action sound like a genuine invitation to learn more, rather than a sales pitch
  • Maximize engagement by bringing scripts to life and conveying emotion and excitement to fully engage your customers
  • Turn your visitors into sales… closing more sales by adding scarcity to the tone of the voice-over and making customers sitting on the fence take action
  • More trust
  • More authority

Synthesys can crank out real human voice-overs in minutes and is the biggest income opportunity for freelancers and agencies in 2021. You may sell this text to speech software to businesses across multiple niches for top dollar, even if you have no prior experience, zero technical skills, and not even a good voice. This is the first time such software is being offered on the JVZoo platform.

So, click the below link to get access to this next-generation synthetic speech technology now.

Get Access To Synthesys – Click Here

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