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ProfitURL is web based application that removes the biggest Instagram limitation ( Instagram only allows you to post one link in your whole profile, inside your Bio ). It allows you to turn one Instagram bio link into multiple profit pulling offers and helps to generate more leads, sales, conversions and monetize Instagram traffic for you.

ProfitURL is an incredible tool that lets you create a customized page with as many links as you would like. There are no restrictions. You can add a thousand links if you want. Not just links, you can add those links with different Call-to-action buttons. This cloud based app uses a brand new revolutionary technology that has never been launched before in the internet marketing industry. It’s the only cloud based application that unlocks the power of Instagram.

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ProfitURL uses super advanced technology that helps to turn one Instagram bio link into multiple clickable links or offers. With this app you will be able to sell multiple products and services (either your own or you can promote any affiliate offers) in just one go and maximize the profits.

Monetize Instagram With ProfitURL

Here is a list of features ProfitURL can help you with:

  • Converting One Bio Link into Multiple Offers – That was really unfair for all Instagram users that resulted in less revenue. No such limitations any more. You will be able to add multiple clickable links in your Instagram bio and sell multiple offers in one go.
  • Grow your email list and subscribers from free Instagram traffic
  • Grow Your Messenger List And Add Social Networks To Your Instagram Bio –
    You can connect social media networks like Facebook Messenger, Gmail, Pinterest, Skype, Telegram, Tumblr, Twitter, Viber, WhatsApp, YouTube with your Instagram account and provide options for your visitors to connect with you in multiple ways.
  • Re-targeting on Facebook, Instagram – By adding Facebook pixel code, you can re-target visitors who have visited your offers but did not purchase anything. This gives you the opportunity to re-target your visitors into customers to increase your profits.
  • ProfitURL helps selling your products and services – Add unlimited clickable links to your Instagram Bio and sell your own product, services or promote any affiliate product thereby unlocking your leads, sales and conversions.
  • You can multiply your profits exponentially by sending visitors directly to multiple websites, blogs, Facebook pages, e-com stores, affiliate marketing campaigns or to any offers.
  • Since you are able to sell multiple products and services in one campaign, you can highlight your most profitable product, and prioritize what you exactly want to sell more to your visitors and followers.
  • With ProfitURL, Track your Visitors With In-Depth Analytic – you can check out opens, views, link clicks, button clicks, social icon clicks for every single clickable link. And view the most profitable offer (product / service) and scale them easily.
  • Attract your visitors and followers attention by adding different button shapes, colors, text and effects to every clickable link and button.

ProfitURL allows you to monetize Instagram traffic to its maximum. You are no longer limited by Instagram’s “One-Bio-Link” rule.

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