VidPerk – Get More Traffic To Your Videos

Are your videos not getting enough views and killing your business? Here’s a review of VidPerk, a first of its kind software that can get more traffic to your videos, increase engagement and sales instantly!.

Remember that there is no point in creating videos if nobody watches them. There are other ways to get targeted traffic to your videos and rank them on YouTube and Google, but those are just time-consuming. Also, you can buy traffic from Facebook ads, but that’s expensive.

VidPerk solves this video traffic problem by getting you tons of real targeted traffic without spending a dime and turning your videos into an engagement and conversion machine.

Vidperk - get more traffic to your videos

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VidPerk – Make Any Video Go Viral

VidPerk uses a powerful psychological trick “rewards” to attract visitors to play your videos and keep watching them all the way through without ever skipping or pausing.

The software can make any video go viral and works in a few simple steps:

  • Add Any Existing Video To VidPerk – It could be any YouTube video, Vimeo video, a sales video, review video, entertainment video, or any MP4 video of your choice.
  • Customize It With Rewards – Turn your video into a traffic and conversion magnet by leveraging the Video Reward Tech of VidPerk. You can reward your viewers for watching the video for a certain duration of time. This attracts new visitors, plus get people to watch your videos for as long as you want.
  • Select any of the done for you templates or create your own from scratch and add a reward. Use the library of play buttons, GIFs, images, backgrounds, and elements.
  • Determine for how long you want people to watch the video to claim their reward. They get an instant message to continue watching if they try to pause or skip the video.
  • Give them the promised reward and direct them to any other page if you want.
  • VidPerk generates code that you add to any of your websites, blog, or eCommerce store. Instantly skyrocket your video traffic, engagement, and sales.

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Literally, anyone who uses videos for any purpose can use VidPerk – affiliate marketers, YouTube marketers, video marketers, eCommerce businesses, product owners, local businesses, social media influencers…

By using this software, you can instantly see benefits like:

  • Increase watch time on your videos to increase SEO rankings and get ranked on page #1 of YouTube and Google
  • Skyrocket video traffic, engagement, and sales instantly
  • No need to create the perfect video, you can make millions with even simple videos
  • Make 5x, 10x, 50x, and 100x more sales than you would do normally
  • Make any video go viral
  • Since your engagement is sky high, this naturally drives the rankings and sales up. This makes your customers all the more comfortable buying from you.

Video marketing is on the rise and VidPerk is one software that every internet marketer needs. This software is unique, solves a real problem, and the first of its kind that really works.

You can just take your existing videos and turn them into traffic and sales machine in just a few minutes. The results are instant. It’s one of the most effective and result-driven software I have ever used.

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