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Speedlir is a cloud app to dramatically speed up and secure both your existing WordPress sites, cloud affiliate pages, and traditional websites.

The app will effortlessly boost your leads generation, sales, affiliate commissions, and Google rankings. You will also get an Ultra-Fast built-in web hosting for converted clones of your sites or affiliate pages, with content that is delivered from 200 locations in 90 countries around the world.

Because Speedlir uses SPR “static” conversion technology, it’s mathematically almost impossible for you to not get any speed boost. While at the same time your site is protected from hackers exploiting security holes in WordPress. No app without SPR technology can do this in the same way.

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Speedlir speed up secure WordPress sites

Speedlir – Benefits Of Using This App

Let me briefly give you the benefits of using Speedlir app.

However, before that did you know the fact that with slow loading WordPress sites you can lose over a half of the number of buyers?

Or for that matter you can boost sales 2.5 times by just having your page load 2.4 second faster?

These stuff matter because today’s internet users are the most impatient ever. And the above mentioned facts are from Google and Cloudflare.

As per Google 53% of people on mobile devices leave a page which takes a little longer than 3 seconds to load.

This means that with slow loading pages you could lose 53% of the money, no matter if you sell your own products or get sales commissions as an affiliate.

You could lose 53% of leads as well. This means that, with fast pages you could more than double your leads, sales and commissions.

Boost Your Leads Generation, Sales, Affiliate Commissions Using Speedlir

In a case study, Cloudflare reported that conversions increase by about 250% by a page speed boost from 5.7 seconds to 3.3 Seconds.

It means that just speeding up a page by 2.4 seconds with all other factors remaining the same makes 2.5 times more sales. Just think about how much money you could be losing just by having a 2.4 seconds slower site.

Also, Speedlir app can speed up your pages because three of the top four SEO signals are page speed dependent. So Google can dramatically lower the rankings of slow loading pages.

Because WordPress sites are dynamic, it takes more time to get information from the database, organize, and then render the page so it can be properly displayed. A similar problem exists with most cloud-hosted affiliate pages.

This is where Speedlir comes into action as it uses SPR “static” conversion technology to pre-render any page so that there is no need for databases or any app for the page to display.

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As you may know, WordPress sites with plugins are a security minefield. There are numerous WordPress vulnerabilities such as cross-script and SQL injection even without any plugins.

Practically every WordPress site uses multiple plugins. These plugins can add gaping security holes, which hackers can easily exploit to break in, and can get worse with every WordPress plugin added because the entire site security depends on the weakest plugins. So it takes just one plugin for hackers to destroy the WordPress site.

Speedlir helps you fix all these WordPress security problems. Because after SPR “static” page conversion there is no database or code, so there is nothing to hack or exploit. Plus with content delivered from multiple locations from around the world, it makes your pages load speed lightning fast.

Websites are attacked almost every minute and one of the hardest attacks to protect against is DDoS. No matter the type of DDoS attacks, it blocks them fast!

It uses an industry-leading DDoS protection service provider, which combines multiple DDoS attack mitigation capabilities into one. It prevents problems caused by bad traffic while allowing good traffic through.

In other words, Speedlir prevents your losses related to DDoS attacks and secures your WordPress site.

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