Socifeed – Automated Video Software

Socifeed is a brand new automated video software and traffic-getting system. The software gives you the power to emotionally grab your visitors and inspire them to buy your products or services instantly.

It’s the world’s first automated and emotionally engaging video creator with 1 click traffic-getting software system. Socifeed gives you automated and done-for-you videos that you can automatically broadcast and distribute to social media platforms.

Automated Video Creator – Watch Demo Here!

The automated video software creates beautiful, attention-grabbing, and emotionally charged videos in 1 click. It’s newbie-friendly and with point and click technology, making it easy to create, manage and preview videos before publishing them.

It’s a smart software loaded with powerful words that gets significant emotional awareness with attention-grabbing video quotes.

With its built-in artificial intelligence, Socifeed can also auto randomize quotes, layouts, colors, and fonts to generate video quotes for you in a flash like a professional.

The videos created are internet-ready with your call to action and branding, making each of the videos 100% unique.

Socifeed automated video software done for you videos with quotes

Socifeed – Done For You Videos With Quotes

Take a glimpse at the features of this automated video software:

  • Socifeed lets you create unlimited attention-grabbing videos that sell your products or services
  • Done For You videos with quotes on autopilot
  • Increase customers and your profits with free viral traffic from the biggest social networks. 1 Click publishing to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Automatic posting, broadcasting, and syndication to grab and convert visitors to buyers
  • Post to Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Mix, Redditt, Vimeo, etc
  • 5,000,000 Live action video quotes
  • 2,500,000 abstract video quotes
  • 500 Live videos
  • 100 abstract videos
  • 25 music tracks
  • Socifeed has some amazing filtering and special effects
  • 100% customization and combinations
  • Automated video system that gets you sales with absolutely no learning curve and running costs
  • Forget advertising costs and monthly fees
  • With full commercial rights, you can sell your videos with quotes for 100% profits!
  • Web-based software. You create an account and get started immediately online – no installs, no plugins
  • A detailed walkthrough training videos that show you every step of how to get started, which you can access in the member’s area

Socifeed is the ultimate software system to capitalize on the automated power of videos, emotions, and credibility that leads to customers.

With this automated video software, you can forget about spending hours doing the work manually, creating, publishing, broadcasting, hiring expensive designers, programmers, social media managers, and virtual assistants.

You can say goodbye to your outsourcing, video editors, and endless learning because the software is newbie-friendly plus drag and drop simple to use.

Your first viral video can be ready in seconds and start working for you on autopilot, getting you new leads and sales in your market.

It’s your time to dominate the market, so get the software before your competitors catch on.