SiteSync – Software Tool To Backup Download Restore Websites

SiteSync is the most sophisticated cloud based software tool that can backup, download and restore any website on autopilot by storing and accessing all your data and content on the cloud.

You may be aware that website downtime is for real and it really hurts your business. The longer the downtime means more business loss for you and very good for your competitors. No matter whatever the reason – whether your website got hacked or went down, you need to protect your website and business now.

SiteSync is an All-In-One backup solution that will have your website up and running in just under 3 minutes if it goes offline. It doesn’t really matter how big your website is.
SiteSync All In One Automatic Backup Solution Software Best Features:

  1. Backup, download and restore entire FTP sites
  2. Backup, download and restore fully WordPress based websites and WordPress plugins
  3. Backup, download and restore HTML based sites and web pages
  4. Websites can be put back online within 3 minutes!
  5. Syncs with Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft Onedrive – option for saving your websites onto the cloud if you need.
  6. In-built SmartFTP technology makes it blazingly super fast and efficient in helping you with swift backup and restore.
  7. Avail FREE 50 GB storage space, in case you want to avoid spending cash on other storage services.
  8. Sell website backup as a service to other business owners who own websites.
  9. 100% cloud-based SaaS website so you can access it from anywhere in the world.
  10. Fully Smartphone responsive.
  11. Completely newbie friendly – dead easy to use.

SiteSync Pro version has these additional features – backup, download and restore UNLIMITED SITES, 24×7 Website monitoring, Automatic notification in case website or server is down.

Watch SiteSync Backup Tool In Action Here!

With SiteSync it’s never been easier to make your website safe and secure from cyber attacks. Stay safe and secure by clicking the link below:

Backup Download Restore Websites With SiteSync Software

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