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If you’re into social media marketing or run an eCommerce website it’s important to display reviews of your products. ReviewTrust is a powerful cloud-based app that automatically collects, organizes, and displays reviews and testimonials for you on your website or eCommerce store.

It’s proven that people who shop online look at reviews before they buy a product or service from your website. That’s the reason you see top offers and marketers consistently displaying reviews and testimonials of their products on their websites.

In fact, Amazon ranks their products based on Reviews because they know that the better a product is reviewed, the easier it will sell!

If reviews were to be done manually without using ReviewTrust software, then you probably need to follow the age old process of :

  • A customer purchases your product, service, or fills their email on a lead form.
  • You have someone email them, contact them via social media, or call
  • IF you reach them, you ask for feedback, write it all down
  • Next, you have to collect a picture, video, or audio from them and upload it to your website.
  • Then, you need to give it to your designer or take the time to organize and display it
  • Lastly, you have to repeat this cycle over and over again…which will take days and days to complete.

ReviewTrust eliminates the entire tedious and time-consuming six-step process mentioned above and fully automates it for you by automatically collecting the reviews and testimonials in text, audio, or video, to helping you sort and displaying them on your website or eCommerce store. All you have to do is approve the ones you want to be displayed and how thereby saving you a lot of time and doubling your conversions and sales.

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Best Features Of ReviewTrust Software

Here are the best features of the brand new automation tool:

  • ReviewTrust automatically integrates with the Top 13 shopping carts and eCommerce platforms
  • Automatically contacts your customers on your behalf and collects their Review or Testimonial.
  • Collects text, audio, or video and allows you to sort and display as per your preference. Sort them by BEST to worst so you can put the BEST in front of your website visitors
  • By copying a single line of code, you can display reviews in 10 unique ways on your website
  • Use it for your business or use it to help your clients.
  • You need to spend just minutes of your time in a day
ReviewTrust best product review software

ReviewTrust takes care of reviews and testimonials by automatically integrating with your favorite shopping carts or eCommerce platforms. So if you want to save time, increase your consumer trust, and make more sales, then go check it out now!

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