PinFlux 2 Review – Pinterest Marketing Software

The most powerful Pinterest marketing software is here – Pinflux 2 is a complete overhaul of the previous version of the Pinterest automation software. This version of Pinflux makes automation very easy by getting rid of the app approval process. You can now automate everything without having to get your app approved. It also supports scheduling of posts and pins, as well as automation for follow and unfollow of profiles.This is an effective Pinterest marketing automation software that unlocks every feature of Pinterest.

pinflux 2 pinterest marketing software

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Till now Pinterest lay untapped for automation because there were no effective automation software that could unlock each and every feature of Pinterest. If you have been giving Pinterest a cold shoulder all these days, it’s time you change tracks.

PinFlux 2 – Pinterest Automation Software Features

Powerful features that make Pinflux 2 a surefire profit crunching app for you:

  • Automates pinning of fresh content
  • Automates Repinning – Finds pins in any niche and repins them to your boards
  • Automates Likes & Engagement
  • Automates Content Discovery – Searches and automatically finds powerful content from Pinterest. With powerful keyword research features, it lets you find pins in any niche blazing fast and easy.
  • Works with multiple boards and across multiple IDs. Schedule pins across multiple boards for higher visibility and more chances of people following you back, and buying from you too.
  • Automatically follows niche targeted profiles.
  • Will automatically unfollow profiles that did not follow you.
  • Supports manual control at every level, so that you can customize Pinflux 2 and do everything just the way you want.
  • Ability to do all work from a single interface for all accounts.
  • Watch your Pinterest traffic and stats increase. Complete reporting that keeps you updated all time.
  • Perform tasks faster and better with automation.

Pinflux 2 is the most powerful Pinterest marketing software that is going to run fast and easy to yield you best marketing results. Check out the most breakthrough automation software that unlocks every feature of Pinterest.

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