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LeadPal is a new lead generation software that makes it easy to create a lead generation campaign within minutes and helps you get verified social leads with just 1 click.

Lead generation is one of the areas where almost every online business can do better. That’s because with more leads you get with Leadpal, you have more opportunities to sell. Which means more cash in your pocket!

But unfortunately, most online businesses keep struggling to get results with their lead generation, because;

  • Getting traffic to the opt-in page requires a lot of work
  • Some of the leads generated are fake which decreases the profits per lead
  • Visitors need to manually enter their email address, which many are hesitant to do due to short attention span
  • You need to be compliant with regulations like CAN-SPAM and GDPR to avoid hefty fines

With Leadpal, you don’t have to worry about any of the above concerns. It’s a simple push-button software that makes it easy for you to:

  • Collect more leads
  • Boost the quality of the leads you receive
  • Better engage your leads
  • And ultimately make you more cash

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Why LeadPal Is Better Than Other Lead Generation Software?

Let me give you a glimpse of why this lead generation software is better than other tools.

LeadPal helps to build your email lists by collecting verified emails with social opt-in links from platforms like Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Twitter, Amazon, Google, Yahoo, and LinkedIn. This eliminates the collection of a fake and unverified email address and automatically syncs these leads into your favorite autoresponder.

  • This cloud-based lead generation software is newbie-friendly and easy-to-use.
  • It can easily create lead pages with a 1-click opt-in for more leads
  • A large percentage of visitors turn away when they have to fill a form to opt-in to your offer. Using LeadPal you’ll get a 72% more opt-in rate.
  • The majority of users are constantly logged in to social platforms like Facebook, Google, etc. So all they need is just one click to sign up to your list.
  • Rapid signup/user adoption: Your visitors don’t need to type anything, they’ll simply grant you access to their existing credentials.
  • Leadpal eliminates fake identities: Since social networks authenticate users and normally don’t allow multiple user accounts, the likelihood of fake identities goes down.
  • Just requires a 1-click opt-in for any content that you choose (web pages, videos, lead magnets… anything!)
  • Shows social opt-in buttons that the user is currently logged into, so you always get the best-verified email address added to your list.
  • You can even add LeadPal to any website or blog and the software will send out automatic reminders boosting your opt-in on autopilot.

If you like the idea of being able to require an opt-in for any content that you choose and you want to make it as easy as possible for someone to opt-in with a verified email address, then this lead generation software is for you!

You don’t require any technical skills or experience to create a lead generation campaign with LeadPal. In fact, you’ll be able to get a new lead campaign up and running in just a minute.

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