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Leadifly is an all-in-one list building software that comes in handy if you’ve been looking for a solution to build your email subscriber list and increasing your opt-ins overnight.

This new piece of lead generation software will transform your business, whether you’re an internet marketing expert or a newbie. If you want more email subscribers, there has never been an easier way to get real email leads than this list building software.

Leadifly replaces all old opt-in forms with a new up-to-date foolproof way of gathering real email addresses. With normal squeeze pages, you need to add an opt-in form, usually, that’s name and email. When users input those they are directed to the free gift or download you offer.

However, the drawback here is that :

a) Most visitors input fake email addresses rather than their actual email addresses to claim the free gift or download.

b) For many years, squeeze pages have been around. Visitors are clever and they know that as soon as they give out their email address they are going to receive emails from you.

Leadifly, the list building software puts an end to both the above-mentioned problems dead on their tracks.

a) Leadifly works with Facebook’s API, which’s completely Facebook compliant which means that you collect the visitor’s real email address – the one that the visitor uses to login to Facebook and checks it every day.

b) There is no necessity to add a form for email and name. It’s just one click of a button. This way visitors don’t view Leadifly the same way as they do with normal opt-in forms.

This means, you not only collect more email addresses but also get real email addresses. This makes it much easier for you to market to your visitors.

It works with multiple autoresponders, so as soon as you pick up the email it goes straight across to your favorite autoresponder or you can download it from the database.

Simply put, Leadifly lets you build a list of email subscribers who have opted in, without them ever having to enter their details. No need for complicated opt-in pages, sales copy, and spending on expensive ads.

Leadifly List Building Software

 Best Features:

  • All-in-one WordPress plugin that leverages the power of Facebook, the power of Automation, the power of list building, and the power of Email marketing all combined into one.
  • Allows you to build up a list directly into your preferred autoresponder. Works with multiple autoresponders.
  • Send personalized pushes via Facebook directly into messenger
  • Leadifly can be displayed on any WordPress page with one of two types of trigger – button or link
  • Generate hundreds of REAL leads every day for Free
  • Uses new method – No opt-in forms and expensive PPC ads required
  • Software is newbie-friendly and easy to setup. 100% Facebook compliant

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leadifly lead generation software

Leadifly is a completely new software that can be used to get hundreds of real email addresses of visitors who have opted-in to your list with just 1 click. The power of this software is such that you can add people to your list every day and forget about getting leads by using older methods that have become tougher and tougher.

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