Covert Social Press WordPress Theme

The first version of Covert Social Press was released back in 2013. Thousands of clients have used this WordPress theme to build tons of hands free money making websites and a lot of them even built their first website and made their first sales using this WP theme.

The latest version – Convert Social Press 2.0 will let you run your own full fledged social networking and social bookmarking site on WordPress – just like Digg. It will allow you to run a fully functional social network – with real members building your sites for you and all from a simple 1-click install WordPress theme.

Listed below are some features that have never been seen before in a WordPress theme –

Covert Social Press WordPress Theme Best Features:

  • Never write a single WordPress blog post again. Instead you leverage other people’s content to build your own content empire by filling your sites with quality content in minutes – all with a few clicks
  • People will love you for it – they get backlinks and a trickle of free traffic, while you reap the ad revenue and the lion’s share of the traffic. In fact they’ll love you so much that you get real members lining up to join your site and build it for you on auto pilot
  • Automatic traffic generation with Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more – Including Facebook comments!
  • And when they do, they automatically join or build your list and have all new members added to your auto-responder of choice. You can market to them over and over again
  • Fully monetized, including in theme ads automatically inserted into all your pages

Watch the demo video of this brand new WordPress theme that allows you to fill your blogs with quality content in minutes and even lets you have real members building your sites for you on complete auto pilot!

Watch What Covert Social Press Can Do For You Here!

I highly recommend that you grab Covert Social Press 2.0 WordPress theme today – as it’s got some of the most cutting edge stuff I have ever seen. It’s totally unique, cutting edge and insanely powerful. Yes so simple to use it makes sending an email seem clunky. You have to watch the demo video and see this WordPress theme in action!

Covert Social Press 2.0 Demo Video – Watch Here!

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