Clide – Find Expired Domains With Traffic

Clide is a powerful web app that allows you to find expired domains with traffic, that is still posted on the biggest sites of the internet.

Over a period of time, domain owners tend to forget to renew the domain names of many of their links. Channels rise and fall, and video creators will generally shift to newer, more popular trends.

But these long-forgotten videos still generate traffic. And if you can take over that expired domain… then you can send that traffic wherever you want.

By using Clide, you will be able to legally hijack traffic and authority from Wikipedia, YouTube, BBC, and Quora.

And the best part, Clide makes hijacking these very valuable domains simple and easy.

Once you find expired domains, you can literally redirect the traffic.

Or you can use these expired domains to send massive authority and link juice to any niche sites or videos that you want to rank for.

Can you imagine having a real backlink from Wikipedia or from Quora? or from the BBC?

Or for that matter, a LIVE link from the description area of a YouTube video that is still getting hundreds or even thousands of views a day?

Clide is so powerful that the guys who developed it have put together a case study of how they hijacked a domain and got some near-instant traffic and cash in their pocket!

Check Out The Case Study And Demo Video Here!

Clide app allows you to:

✔️ Leverage the massive authority of sites like Wikipedia, YouTube, BBC, or Quora for immediate traffic and rankings
✔️ Find expired domains with active backlinks on YouTube, Wikipedia, Quora, BBC
✔️ Buy these expired domains for under $10 with a single click of your mouse
✔️ Set reminders for domains that are about to expire, so that you can be the first in line to pick them up
✔️ The latest version of Clide comes with additional state-of-the-art features like the Ocean Search tool that lets you dig even deeper into YouTube and Wikipedia and find additional domains you may have missed before
✔️ Domain Reminder that lets you keep track of domains that are on the verge of expiring and quickly snap them up the moment they expire
✔️ In-built Keyword Research Tool that lets you search and find as many keywords and niches as you want
✔️ Hands-free Domain Checker Tool to instantly see which videos and pages have active links and if it’s available to hijack
✔️ Domain Purchasing Tool that lets you add domains directly to your GoDaddy and Namecheap cart with just one click

With Clide it takes only a few simple steps to find expired domains. Here’s how it works:

  • Input Your Target Keyword. The in-built keyword engine will let you turn that single keyword into dozens of additional keywords that you may not have thought about
  • Select Whether You Want To Take Traffic From YouTube Or Wikipedia
  • Hit “Start”. Clide will scour your chosen sites to find available domains that you can register for less than $10
  • Register The Domains And Redirect The Traffic.
  • Send the traffic to any of your niche sites, videos, or offers

Get Clide With My Exclusive Bonus Tools

I have got a special bonus pack for you that will indeed increase 10x your results. You will get access to these exclusive bonuses inside the member’s area of Clide.

SEO & Backlink Checker

Clide bonus pack

Tired of checking manually your backlinks?

I’m pretty sure you paid for a backlink service and got a report with thousands of URLs.

How do you check them?

Well, let me guess, you manually pick up 20 URLs at random at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end of the report file.

Then you leave that as it is. SEO & Backlink Checker can help you!

Clide Link Validator – Detect Valid And Broken Links

Clide exclusive bonus

Ever wanted to have a validation system for Links in your web form, to check if the user entered links are really working or broken, well here it is.

Clide Link Validator is a PHP script that is hooked by an asynchronous JS library for validating the status of a link i.e. whether a link is active or broken or is a parked domain.

With its ability to detect parked domains in addition to normal URL validation, this is a must-have tool for every website out there.

This library features an easy-to-implement drop ‘n use JavaScript plugin that requires zero configuration and coding, making it extremely easy to integrate with your existing projects.

Clide Backlink Checker – Backlink Verification Tool

Clide bonuses

Clide Backlink Checker is an easy-to-use tool to verify backlinks to your site.

It is simple to set up as a form on a website or as a cronjob to run automatically.

The list of sites it checks can come from anywhere, form data, a MySQL database, or hard-coded in the file.

With this verification tool, you will never have to manually check sites for backlinks again.

Just set up the cronjob and get emailed whenever a site removes your link.

Clide has been able to truly leverage the authority of Wikipedia, YouTube, BBC, and Quora to get massive traffic and authority for any website or video.

Click the link below and start diverting the traffic anywhere you want!

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