ClickKosh – Clickable Image Hotspots

ClickKosh is an enterprise level SAAS app that converts old boring images into profit pulling machines using its comprehensive interactive hotspots technology. It helps to make every image lively with the overlay technology resulting in more sales and leads for you.

ClickKosh uses a revolutionary brand new unique interactive image hot spots technology. It gives you a new opportunity to convert visitors from images itself. You can have multiple clickable touch points inside a single image which can redirect the users to any product of their choice. So let’s say you have 10 products to showcase, you can have all 10 in a single image and insert redirects to all 10 of them. Imagine 1 single redirect versus 10. ClickKosh allows you unlimited redirects. You can have 100s of them in just one image.

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Unique Features Of ClickKosh

With ClickKosh you can:

  • Add multiple hot spots in a single image
  • Add multiple redirects from single image to different URLs or product pages
  • Generate more leads from that image
  • Convert 330% extra by showcasing & redirecting your complete library of products in one image
  • Touch to call to generate calls and convert sales
  • Select hot spot icons from the library of icons – huge library with 600+ icons library
  • Using ClickKosh you can add animated hot spots to gain users attention more than ever
  • Pixabay integration access to millions of stock free images – so you never have to pay for stock images
  • Professional advanced image editor for your image – Use Adobe image editor integration to beautify your images, so you don’t have to pay for those fancy and expensive editing software
  • DesignoPro2 integration
  • Youzign integration
  • 100+ custom sound library
  • Branding customization logo watermark
  • Click on hover animations
  • Attractive visual pulsating effects
  • Step by step video training included
  • Facebook group with 10k+ marketers
  • Unlimited clickable interactive hot spot campaigns
  • Seamless integration with any website, blog, page builder etc

With so many unique features of ClickKosh, it’s your chance to create an unmatched customer experience whether you are an ecom marketer, local store owner, affiliate marketer, blogger or a website owner. You will have an unfair advantage over others and you are bound to convert more. Hence extra sales, leads and conversions. With ClickKosh you will have a complete new lead generation technology. It will help you 3x your lead generation process, click rate, users attention and revenue with your normal existing image itself.

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