ConversioBot – Best Artificial Intelligence Chatbot Software

I’m super excited to announce the launch of ConversioBot, the best artificial intelligence chatbot software which can automatically build you a bigger list and explode your sales. Three marketing veterans having a total 32 Years of experience have spent over a year developing this cutting-edge marketing software. Across three of their ClickBank accounts, they have generated 6,386 sales in only six months with this automated chatbot software. They also used it to rapidly build a huge email list of 11,643 subscribers in just seven days. With this highly sophisticated chatbot they were able to automatically explode the conversion rate by

Sendiio Autoresponder – email Marketing App

Sendiio autoresponder is a new, unique email marketing app which is the first and only autoresponder that includes email marketing, text message marketing and Facebook messenger marketing all put under one dashboard. Email marketing, text message marketing and Facebook Messenger marketing are the three biggest marketing channels online right now. Sendiio is a first-of-it’s-kind product since it’s the only autoresponder that combines the three most profitable marketing channels into one.You can now tap into these most profitable marketing channels from under one place. With Sendiio you can create unlimited email marketing campaigns, unlimited text message marketing campaigns, unlimited Facebook messenger

ClickKosh – Clickable Image Hotspots

ClickKosh is an enterprise level SAAS app that converts old boring images into profit pulling machines using its comprehensive interactive hotspots technology. It helps to make every image lively with the overlay technology resulting in more sales and leads for you. ClickKosh uses a revolutionary brand new unique interactive image hot spots technology. It gives you a new opportunity to convert visitors from images itself. You can have multiple clickable touch points inside a single image which can redirect the users to any product of their choice. So let’s say you have 10 products to showcase, you can have all

Xmails – Best Email Marketing Software

It doesn’t matter what business you are in, Xmails is the best email marketing software and will be the key to your business success if you want to grow exponentially. So, if you are interested in growing your business, then check out the World’s best email autoresponder that sends unlimited emails to unlimited subscribers without paying any monthly fees and no need of SMTP. Xmails, the cloud based email marketing software gives you the power of unlimited lists, unlimited campaigns, unlimited broadcasts, unlimited subscribers, unlimited leads, capture unlimited contacts, send unlimited mails for unlimited months. You can take 100% control

Site2App – Convert WordPress Site To Android App

Site2App software converts any WordPress site into a full iOS or Android app in minutes, and it even allows you to control the content, design, colors, logos and layout of your app at the touch of a button. The fact is that 180 billion apps have been downloaded from the Apple App Store and if you would you like a piece of that action, then Site2App is the software you need because designing apps will cost thousands of dollars in designer and developer fees. Since the app market is almost entirely untapped in most niches, and by using Site2App you

PushPrime – Best Push Notification App

PushPrime is the best push notification app in the market. In case you are not familiar with push notifications, they are not opt-in forms but basically small option boxes that pop up at the top of the web browser window asking to send you updates when you visit a website, blog or online store. If you are running a blog, an ecom website, or sell any kind of products or services online, then you need push notifications. What you may not be aware is that there are hundreds of top companies that are making a killing by using these push

Covert Social Press WordPress Theme

The first version of Covert Social Press was released back in 2013. Thousands of clients have used this WordPress theme to build tons of hands free money making websites and a lot of them even built their first website and made their first sales using this WP theme. The latest version – Convert Social Press 2.0 will let you run your own full fledged social networking and social bookmarking site on WordPress – just like Digg. It will allow you to run a fully functional social network – with real members building your sites for you and all from a

WP GDPR Fix – WordPress Plugin

WP GDPR Fix is an innovative new Wordpress plugin that has been developed to make Wordpress based websites and blogs 100% compliant with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which is the European Union data protection law that has come into effect from May 25, 2018.

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